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MIFARE Ultralight™
MIFARE Ultralight™
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MIFARE Ultralight™ operates according to the ISO 14443A standard is fully compatible with all existing MIFARE™ infrastructure.

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Key features and benefits

  • 100% compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructure
  • Real anti-collision supported
  • Operating distance up to 10 cm
  • 106 kbits/s data transfer rate
  • Unique 7 byte serial number (ISO 14443A, cascade level 2)
  • High data integrity – 16 bit CRC, parity per byte, bit coding, bit count check
  • 512 bit EEPROM, organized in 16 pages of 4 bytes
  • 32 bit one-time programmable (OTP) area
  • 384 bit read / write area for user data
  • Field programmable ‘Read only’ locking function per page
  • DESFire SAM based security methods supported

Key applications

  • Limited-use tickets in public transport (e.g.: single trip tickets, multiple trip tickets, tourist weekend passes)
  • Event ticketing (stadiums, exhibitions, leisure parks, etc.)

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