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Hybrid MyKAD Reader Development Kit
Hybrid MyKAD Reader Development Kit
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Hybrid MyKAD Reader allows user to read MyKAD contactless ID besides reading the MyKAD data. This contactless ID can be used for access control, database reference and others.

Sell Price | RM 500.00

Information read from MyKAD:

  • Name, Gender, D.O.B., Old and New IC#
  • Full Address (include POSTCODE)
  • Birth Place
  • Race and Religion
  • Photo
  • Contactless ID


Screenshot from the MyKAD Registration System (with source code):


Suitable for:

  • Human Resource System and Payroll System for employee registration
  • Condo/Office/Factory Visitor Management System
  • Door Access System
  • Hotel Management System
  • Clinic/Hospital System

Package includes:

  • 1 x MFR2000 DualBoost II USB Dual Interface Reader
  • 5 x MIFARE 1KB Blank Card
  • Software CD (Windows 32/64-bit platforms) with
    • ActiveX DLL for VB and VC++, very user friendly, no smart card knowledge needed.
    • MyKAD Capturing/Registration Software (with source code), runs on MS Access Database. This program shows how you can capture MyKAD information and save them into database, including the photo image data and its source codes are FREE OF CHARGE.
    • Sample programs and codes for ActiveX DLL  - readily to be embedded in PHP/html/JAVASCRIPT web programming.
    • Keyboard Emulator  = similar to keyboard input, the MIFARE ID will appear automatically in the input area when a MIFARE card is flashed, with no programming needed)

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