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E2004  : MIFARE/Proximity-EM RFID Reader
E2004 : MIFARE/Proximity-EM RFID Reader
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E2004 is a compact and reliable RFID reader, and is ideal  for access control in the market. It come with 2 designs and 2 type of interface.


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  • Voltage : 9 ~ 24DC
  • Max Current : 200mA
  • Dimension : slim- 35mmx100mmx25mm; wide - 45mmx100mm 25mm
Ordering Information:
  • E2004MW-1: MIFARE with Wiegand interface, slim version
  • E2004MW-2: MIFARE with Wiegand interface, wide version
  • E2004MS-1: MIFARE with RS485 interface, slim version
  • E2004MS-2: MIFARE with RS485 interface, wide version
  • E2004EW-1: EM with Wiegand interface, slim version
  • E2004EW-2: EM with Wiegand interface, width version
  • E2004ES-1: EM with RS485 interface, slim version
  • E2004ES-2: EM with RS485 interface, width version
  • Available in black or silver colour



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