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BasicCard SDK - Do it yourself....
BasicCard SDK - Do it yourself....
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BasicCard® is the first smart card programmable in BASIC. It is easy to use, open to anyone, requires no special training, and competitively priced. Using the BasicCard® anyone can program their own smart cards - and this takes only a few hours of your time. Consider some of the benefits of using the BasicCard® OS for smart card...

Sell Price | RM 350.00

Like most computer hardware, the price of smart cards is steadily decreasing, while performance and capacity are improving all the time. You can now buy a fully-functional computer, the size of your thumb-nail, for just a euro or two. However, before the BasicCard arrived, the cost of developing software for smart cards was out of all proportion to the cost of the hardware. A typical development project might take six months and cost a quarter of a million euros. This was a major barrier to the widespread use and acceptance of smart cards. But now you can program your own smart card in an afternoon, with no previous experience required. If you can program in Basic, you can design and implement a custom smart card application. With ZeitControl’s BasicCard, the development cycle of writing code, downloading, and testing takes a few minutes instead of weeks.

Package includes:

  • 1 x CyberMouse - PC/SC Smart Card Reader/Writer
  • 1 x Balance Reader
  • 1 x Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows
  • 1 x Documentation on CD-ROM
  • 1 x Technical manual in printed form
  • 1 x Enhanced BasicCard ZC3.7 (2 kBytes EEPROM)
  • 2 x Enhanced BasicCard ZC3.9 (8 kBytes EEPROM)

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